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11 January 2018
We are working on a wide range of switched mode Power Supply modules. Other ones? YES, but these are suitable for high qualilty audio stuff and other professional gear. We cancelled out the RF-residual ripple (caused by the SMPS module) on the voltage rails by adding LC-networks and some other components.
They will be available soon with single and symmetrical outputs, symmetrical versions with extra +5V and versions with 5V and 12V.
Read here the PRELIMINARY datasheet.

15 September 2017
From today on we also supply the coils, capacitors and resistors from the INTERTECHNIK brand. This means that we now serve their FULL program and is listed in our website.
Like MUNDORF, PURESONIC and some other products, we can offer special business prices for our business partners. MAIL.

13 August 2017:
Our prototype monoblocks based on CS-40ps RQMB modules are running a few months now in a normal living room environment, just as you probably would use it. From the start they are running perfect and last week we finished them with the mounting of our Bin/Lout-1200 balanced input circuits.
Both models are also available in ready built monoblock amplifiers. We decided to release the CS-40ps RQMB and HRQ versions today, on Louis' birthday 13/8 -).
At first we believed power would be limited because of the quite small cooling surface of the cabinet, yet even while running the small RQ version at around 200W@4ohms they only get hand warm, even with a way higher idle current as we recommend in our documents.
8 August 2017:
Our ELTIM amplifier module CS-40ps HRQ is reviewed against HYPEX NCore by Uniqueradio.nl (in Dutch):
Some will be surprised about the outcome -)  LT

5 May  2017:
We now have very nice, intelligent, 65k colour display modules in our program. Don't worry any more how to fill them with data, just send simple commands. Your smart system communicates with the internal processor via SPI or UART by giving most simple commands. There are already 16 fonts available and memory space for storing up to 20 full colour pictures, logo's, etc. You can read the three (software debounced) buttons as well. Just write some text by selecting the cursor position, text font, text colour and write the string itself, ready.


30 July 2016:
Per today we also sell full INTERTECHNIK program, except coils and capacitors.
We also installed WAVECOR and MOREL drive units again.

25 May 2016:
Per today our website runs secured (https), so you data is really safe now.

16 january 2016:
Due to way too much questions about our DIY kits, we removed them all from our site. If you are interested, we still sell them but Do It Yourself....(not us) and don't ask basic electronics questions please. We try to help you by calculating a fair price, resuslting in too less profit for us hanging on the phone for hours, sorry.
Ready built and tested Amplifier- and Power Supply modules remain available on our website though.

12 january 2016
Ever thought of making your heating system a more comfortable and efficient multi zone system? Untill now this was a lot of difficult work whre a lot of wiring was required. De developed some modules where you simply connect all thermostats and motorized valves and it works.
So far these kind of installations (f.e. with wall or floor heating) only could work in ON/OFF mode. With an extra module our system can work in MODULATING mode. More info at "Industrial Products".

1 November 2015:
Modu launched another range of cabinets called Mini Dissipante. With the Size of the Galaxy models AND the heatsink structure of the Dissipante models:

28 September 2015:
Modu added a new range of electronic cabinets to their already complete line. The full Galaxy Maggiorato range with a height of 80mm (internal) is now also available in 120mm and 165mm internal height. We believe that this is a perfect range for building measuring equipment, power supplies, etc. The Galaxy range (Where former Galaxy Maggiorato is enclosed) exceeds 180 different models now......
The full aluminium versions in width of 230mm and 330mm are also available in a depth of 350mm. Ideal for a Monoblock?! :

21 August 2015:
In the little time we have in these busy days, we finally managed to built our DEMO amplifier, a A2300 HRW model with 16A EXICON Mosfets. Every time again it is nice to watch and hear a product from your ow hands coming alive and rewards you with a fantastic sound. But then again, who am I ??
Next week Bert Oling of oldest dutch magazine HVT will review it. Other reviewers are most welcome. Soon it's your turn, but you have to line up by now......  € 500,- downpayment required.
A2300 HRQ with 2x CS-40ps HRQ, 2x VS-20 (and MCap250-2,2), 2x VR-3/30, 2x 160VA/ 2x 30V trafo's and Kacsa connectors.
Last week mr. Bus built this also in one weekend after buying built and tested modules.

17 August 2015
It appeats that some of you dislike the Mundorf Mcap250 we use as input capacitor on the VS-20 modules. Although we mention it in the corresponding document you can use the DC-input of any VS-module and connect ANY quality capacitor you like, hardwirded to the RCA input and DC-in connection of any VS-module. In that case, the already on board capacitor is NOT used and so NOT in the signal path! We used this cap in order to allow people to buy an affordable VS-module and at the same time, allow people who want to spend more money and/or prefer an other input capacitor to do so. Since we have to take in mind that the VS-20 can be mounted in all cases, we can't mount a bigger one either. Perhaps later, a VS-30 module? Similar to VS-20, but 50mm instead of 35mm high probably. Let us know   BUT, the comments you can read so far, are with Mcap250........ So what more is there to dig out from the bottom of your music data????
Please take in mind that you CAN mount any high quality capacitor this way on our IO-modules, like in the picture below where a Mundorf EVO MESGO-2,2uF is mounted.
If you are using a balanced IO-module there isn't any capacitor in the audio line, from input to speaker output!

28 july 2015:
Despite the fact that the datsheets list april 2013, just last week of july 2015 OnSemi announced that the quite new STK modules program completely will be discontinued in short notice. We wanted to use these in the recently announced ELTIM HYBRID modules.....
So, despite all the time we spent in developing, we will not produce these nice modules.  Info bulletin

9 july 2015
Last year we were confronted with an announcement that our TWARON Angel Hair, a perfect loudspeaker damping material (www.twaron-angelhair.com) would increase in price at about 30%. We refused to accept that.
Finally, after more than a year of negotions, we can announce that new TWARON Angel Hair is in production now. New stock is expected by the end of July.
More good news: prices will stay about the same...... You can place your order(s) already, but have some patience.
Note that WE are the base, main supplier of this material, so everybody gets it from us. Dealers, Distributors and OEM from all over the world are most welcome.

17 march 2015
Due to higher purchase volumes at Modu we finally can lower our prices to Modu level. Please note that Modu lists ex 22% VAT, we incl. 21% VAT. If you live in Western Europe we will be cheaper for your total order, since our shipping charges are lower. Besides that, with us you also could order other items at the same time, f.e. connectors, etc.

20 january 2015
We now introduce the amazing and already famous MUNDORF Professional AMT's. Check the wide range under Drive Units / MUNDORF Pro AMT's

11 december 2014
While testing the amazing EXICON Mosfets in our amplifier modules, we found out that we could increase the slewrate (risetime) in combination with a VS-20 module. For this, we lowered values of filtering parts in the VS-20 and used way better MICA (relatively expensive) capacitors instead of MKP types. Price increased as well...

28 october, 2014
This week our prototype amplifier was collected by some audiophile guys, now using Accuphase class A, Jef Rowland, Quad, etc.
We got a first message from them after one evening of listening already:
  We are crushed by the musicality. B even became emotional.
  Super, what an amazing amplifier.
So far, "B" could only become enthousiastic like this while using expensive Class A amplifiers.

21 October 2014
We were happy to announce that prices of our Angel Hair would drop (18 june). Now we ordered new stock, it appears that prices were RAISED by even 30% compared to our old prices. Despite the improvement experienced in about every speaker, most of you believe it is way to expensive anyway. This "feel" of the market, together with the announce price raise made us decide to stop selling this fantastic product. It's a shame.......

21 july 2014:
Per 21 july 2014 we changed shipper, with a result that we now have only one, yet low tarif for packages up to 30kg.
Netherlands - 8,80
Belgium - 11,35
Germany, Luxembourg - 13,50
Danmark, Liechtenstein, Austria - 18,70
France, Monaco, UK - 24,35
Finland, Spain, Sweden,Italy, Portugal, Poland - 38,10
Iceland - 57,40
Greece - 62,30
Other EU countries - 42,40
Norway - 58,10 ( incl. customs declaration)
Switserland - 38,70 (incl. customs declaration)

1 july 2014
Our own and first amplifier modules are ready for sale now. Dealers and OEM are most welcome as well

18 june 2014
Due to shorter chains, we were able to lower prices of our TWARON angel hair significantly.

6 June 2014
Due to higher sales volumes we were able to lower our MODU cabinet prices.

8 May 2014
Our "heavy duty" test of our amplifier modules was a succes, so you will find more on our site about it soon.

7 May, 2014
After about 20 years of working as Morel Europe, distributing all over Europe to OEM, distributors and dealers, we decided to stop this activity. Beginning 2014 Morel installed several distributors, directly supplied by the factory, so our MOREL Europe activity makes no sense any more now.
Of course we continu to distribute all our other products.

Oktober 2013
We finished our Elite 621 mkIV DIY speaker system.
Read the test in Klang & Ton of coming December issue !

April 2013
New in our program are the already fantastic reviewed RIKE oil/paper capacitors.

August 2012
Due to total lack of interest we stopped distribution of MANGER MSW.

March 2012
We are proud that Morel recognised us as their "Best Raw Drivers Distributor in 2011:

September 2 2011
After about 3 years MUNDORF introduces his new product Catalog Fidelity Components 2011. Download it here.  We altered our program according to this catalog.
There are a f.e. lot of new coils categories available.

August 22 2011
As many other companies already did, now Scanspeak has to follow the price increase of rare earth materials like neodymium. Per today we changed our prices too.

June 2011
Mundorf now supplies his radial power supply caps standard in selfadhesive models for stress-and vibrationfree mounting. The low and (new) high voltage ranges are now also available in the unique 4-pole technology (+in, -in, +out, -out).
MLHC high current caps are now also available in this 4-pole technology and even as high capacitance 500Vdc versions.
If you want to (can) improve your senior or vintage amplifier, you should consider to use this fantastic caps with very low ESR. As you probably know, capacitors are about the only components aging, or in other words loosing a lot of their original capacitance. Unfortunatelly a lot of them start this process already after about 2000 hours of running, resulting in a "blurring sound" lack of speed and detail. So, some capacitors is quickly changed, about always benifitially in improving your amp(s).......

May 2011
German distributor Intertechnik is no longer distributor of MOREL drive units. Morel office has granted us the German market per immediate as you can read on their website. Finally we are able to support German customers the same way as we did in the rest of Europe for 10 years exactly by now.
Basically this means that you don't have to wait for your drivers any more, since we have significant volumes of all models in stock. Furthermore we are now also able to publish our designs and send in test examples to the German Klang&Ton and Hobbyhifi magazines, read by many people all over Europe.
First contacts started already, so you will notice our activities in short notice.

April 2011
We became the Benelux distributor of PURESONIC connectors. This company produceced high quality cables and connectors for yours; today they only produce very high grade connectors.

Jan 28 2011
Effective immediatelly we are Dutch distributor of well known and respected MUNDORF crossover components and accessesories. We have most requested items in stock already and will increase stockcoming months.

Nov 30, 2010
WBT announced a price increase of around 10% per dec 1. We changed prices conform pricelist 2010/2011

Nov 19, 2010
We managed to convince MOREL Headquarters that their decision of not developing a replacement for their best sold model tweeter MDT-32s, was a bad idea.
Finally we can tell the world that we managed to get produced CAT 328-104 and CAT 328-110 model with similar data as former MDT-32s, but now even better performing and better looking with IDR front, like ET 338 models are using. We expect first delivery of both models mid december.

Nov 15, 2010
Due to increased sales we could lower our MODU cabinet prices. Western European can buy cheaper from us now compared to direct MODU sales.

Nov 11, 2010
Due to a miscommunication between Mundorf and us, for some time we listed wrong prices for several parts. This is corrected.

Oktober 20, 2010
Since today, we represent PEARL tube coolers, probably the oldest audio accessoire ever.

Oktober 18, 2010
We now also represent VOXATIV full-band Loudspeaker drive units.

August 2010
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July 27,  2010
We developed our own PCB for assembling high-end crossover components. It became very versatile, since you can use ALL Mundorf (and probably other brand) capacitors, Air and Foil coils (Air, Aronit and I-Cores)
and Mundorf MR5/MR10 resistors. Beside that you can use multiple capacitors (f.e. two Supremes antiparallel) in the crossover function and we even provided space for the new Mundorf impulscapacitor MCAP 1000 or RIFA radials if you like them more. You can connect them with 6,3mm Faston blades or a 6 pole screw terminal. Last but not least you can use this single board for SIX different types of crossover by assembling them in a different way as 12dB HP, 6/6dB BP, 12dB LP (also for low frequencies) and 6/6dB Serial (also for low frequencies) crossover. The size of this PCB is still only 100x160mm Euro format.
We plan to design a similar PCB in size 120x200mm to fit even larger/more components.

June 15, 2010
We entered the full MANGER DIY program into our system. Check out the amazing designs under 1-way and 2-way floorstanding.

May 28, 2010
We  altered the MUNDORF program according to their new catalog, valid from june 1st 2010.
New are the power supply capacitors with some interesting features, like copper leads with seperate charge and uncharge pins, selfadhesive bottom for vibration- and stressfree soldering, etc. Also new are the Air coils with Ø1,25mm wire, Drumcore coil with Ø0,5mm wire and new ranges of affordable FERON I-core and Zero-Ohm coils.

March 20,2010
We launched a new informative website about our TWARON Angel Hair damping material. We publish there all  available data.   www.twaron-angelhair.com  

Januari 30, 2010
Today we added all our excisting drawings of our DIY kits. You can find them in the headlines if each Diy kit description.

Januari 6, 2010
We added a business partner login option. Check the B2B page for all info.

December 14, 2009
We asked MOREL to produce a 4 ohms version of CAW 638 woofer, and they DID!
Conform the type number principle it became the CAW 634....  (Classic Advanced Woofer, 6" basket, 3"voicecoil, 4 ohms)

December 10, 2009
We added MUNDORF Air Motion Transformers to our sales program today.

Oktober 22, 2009
We added full WBT connector program in our webshop today.

Oktober 1, 2009
Picture, prices and docs of redesigned CA 625mkII are ready for download now.

September 29, 2009
Picture, prices and docs of redesigned Elite 621 are ready for download now.

September 19, 2009
We changed all Elite and Classic Advanced DIY models to a width of 20cm instead of 19cm. Download new descriptions now!
Besides that we also changed pricestructure and split prices in speakerkit, panel kit ans crossover kit now.

September 12th, 2009
We will be present at Dutch VAD show in Veldhoven, near the Belgian border ay 17-18 october. We will have a small booth in the Brabantzaal, presenting the new Morel drive units and a selection of the rest of our program like cabinets, Mundorf components, connectors, cable, DIY speaker designs, etc.

July 27, 2009
After waiting for over half a year the fabulous subwoofer UW 958 with 130mm hexatech extermal voicecoil and handcoated paper cone has finally arrived.

July 22nd 2009
After introducing MUNDORF crossover components in the Netherlands already in the begin of the '90s, our founder had to rest his audio plans in 1998 due to very dense activities in the telecom scene.
Like seven years ago with MOREL, we are extremely happy that Mundorf gave us the opportunity again to restart sales of their fantastic crossover components and other fine stuff like silver/gold speaker cables, etc.
As you are used to by now, we will give more and more information in a readable way, for everybody who want to know more about the MUNDORF program.
With this new program we believe we are quite complete as a "on stop shopping" webshop for the ardent audiophile technicians.

July 1st 2009
We uploaded a higher grade version of our webshop software. Now you can login after entering your data once and use this all the time without reentering it while ordering. This is not particulary neccessary though. In the ordering process you still can decide to enter these data and use it later again.
With this new version another feature became alive: you can make a "wishlist" meaning that you can add the products of your interest in this list, without the need of trying to find them again. You can order from this wishlist items too. This is especially a help if you are ordering the same products more then once. You can even send one or more items by email to a friend, collegue, etc.

June 26 2009
We supply HYPEX amplifiers for half a year now to the industry market. We just got permission to put them in our webshop too, so we did at once.. Check out these very well performing Digital amplifiers.
We use the UcD400 in our PA-DIY design PA-82. The prototypes are used by a friend and they and the audience are amazed about the quality of this system.
After pressure of entering all these new products (even more to come.....) we will design some of our cabinets in a way that you just need to assemle your fantastic amplifier.

June 15 2009
We made arrangement with a European manufacturer of the most fantastic DIY cabinets we have ever seen. Check out our Electronics Cabinets parts for details. Instead of listing all possible cabinets as an Article, we decided (thinking as wanting one ourselves) to enter the most basic model as product. Then you can select all the options (wiht increase of price) available, ending in a total price.
This company also supplies the 10mm brushed aluminium frontpanels you were looking for, and even produce a T-amp based casing. We will also release some models where HYPEX amps will fit.

June 12th 2009
We made agreements with one of the largest European manufacturer of cables, connectors, etc. With their program our product postfolio increased dramatically. SInce we all are hobbyists too we tried and believe we sorted all products the way you want them to see, f.e. if I want a RCA connector to be mounted on a 6mm cable, I want to find it in a group Connectors>RCA>6mm. So we did.... This results in more groups with less products to sort from.

May 18, 2009
We finished the raw version of a very nice looking and sounding compact speaker system based on our exclusive Intergra 6 hifi coaxial drive unit.
This slightly tilted triangle shaped speaker wil fill and fit any smaller and regular living room.  The final one will be slightly larger. Soon more at our Design pages.

April 23, 2009
We surprise everybody with a special coaxial drive unit model, called INTEGRA 6 hifi.
This 16cm unit uses a sanded paper cone, 54mm Hexatech voicecoil and is powered by a Hybrid magnet system. It is using the same Uniflow basket as the CAW 638, EW 638, etc. Parameters are set for use in small sealed as well as in vented cabinets. The tweeter in the acoustic centre of the woofer is a handcoated silk dome with a 28mm copper voicecoil. The midrange voicecoil is protected for FOD (Foreign Object Damage) material, so you can damp the box with any material without risking damaging the coil with it. Both units have seperated binding posts, so you can cross it the way you prefer. It can be used as a seperate unit as well as a very well performing mid/high unit in a multiway system.  It is even in stock........

April 15nd 2009
We also finalised our CA 621 DIY project based on CAW 638 and CAT 308. A 6/6dB serial crossover is used again for correct phase response..

April 2nd 2009
We finalised our Elite 620 DIY project based on EW 638 and ET 338-104. A 6/6dB serial crossover is difficult to tune indeed if you cross on the edge of the tweeter range.......

March 24th 2009
Finally it is available: the most impressive 9" subwoofer called UW 958. Driven by a huge 130mm Hexatech External Voice Coil with a load capacity of 500Wrms, it
will bring you the lowest, yet fast bass response you can imagine......

March 20th 2009
We just finished our new stand/bookshelf speaker called CA 620. It is based on CAW 638 and CAT 298, beeing the most cost effective 6" Morel based system.

February 15th 2009
Our first model from the Elite range, called Elite 621 is ready now. With the ECW 638 woofer and ET 338-104 tweeter absolute quality sound is guaranteed.

Oktober 2008
We finished our first model using the new drive unit program. This floorstanding CA 625 is equipped with CAW 638 and CAT 308.