TWARON "Angel Hair" damping material

         TWARON Angel Hair compared to a human hair              TWARON Angel Hair magnified                                

This synthetic fiber is meant for construction of very strong, yet extremely light constructions, armour vests, working cloths, tyres, wires, etc. As so often, the side effect of beiing also capable to reduce internal reflections in speaker cabinets  in a very efficient way when it is in a random mixed shape is found by Leo Busscher, a curious, audiophile employee of the producing company Teijin Twaron. He tested some restmaterial from a machine in this shape and found out that it works way better then all known materials. A test, taken by experienced audiophiles and reviewers, showed that even a flagship speaker using a THIEL midrange, dramatically improved details as background noise from audience and mechanics of instruments by taking out the wool and replace it by some of thisTWARON angel hair.
You can download the Music Emotion magazine test here.
The reviewer Fritz the With is owner and recording engineer of Dutch STS digital studio's, known from the extremely good MARANTZ test CD's.

After some startup problems at the factory we now have sufficient stock. Now we exactly know what our costs are we could reduce our prices by about 30%.

Since we all want to see in graphs what happens VDC's Mr. Vance Dickason of Loudspeaker Industry Voicecoil magazine will do some tests for us.  Acxtually we believe that A/B comparison will tell way more, since not all is measurable as we know with cables, crossover components, etc. The results will publish it in this industry magazine when it is available. For now we just have to do with the fast growing reactions we get from buyers. All of them are very happy with it and some even confirm our experiences. Read some below. An increasing crowd is experiencing similar as we do:
the ambiance of the sound increases dramatically, you simply are more "there"......
In live recordings you hear the room and audience way more and even a carefully damped studio of the newsreader can be heard without any problem. Whispered counting 1, 2, 3, 4 .....starting a new song is there clearly.

So, before spending (even) more money in equipment, cables, netfilters, furniture, etc. try some TWARON Angel Hair.  Our Angel Hair seems quite expensive, but the results are worth it. Probably your system improves adequately
just by adding some of this fantastic material.  Do NOT compare price/weight, since you need way less mass, compared to any other material.

This is not a standard produced product. Teijin has to slow down and even stop a huge machine, normally producing 1500 kg/hour of woven material, just to "spit out" about 30kg/time of rough material as we need it. Stopping and restarting this machine is very expensive and it has to be removed from the inside of this machine by hand also costing a lot of time. After the raw material is processed to form it in the expanding woollike shape as you get it. So the price is basically not just for the material, mostly it is set by labour by the factory and us to repack huge volumes in smaller bags. However, the results exceed the price by far, we promise !

Of course we also sell it to dealers, distributors and manufacturers (drive units as well as enclosures). The process is finally standarised and we can supply significant volumes from stock.
Professional users can contact us for a free sample and get convinced !!!    
NOT free for endusers, sorry......
Our sample will be sufficient for testing some of your designs.


Thanks for the genious tip!  

I have found it very effective and easy to work with!  

It even improved our absolute reference quality design significantly!