RIKE capacitors

New in our program are the exquisite, German made Oilpaper capacitors.
These capacitors can be used in about any audio related circuit, f.e. (Tube) amplifiers and loudspeaker crossovers.

While developing their (E 380.000,-) EDZARD reference class tube amplifiers, RIKE Audio lacked the appropriate capacitors to match the rest of the amplifiers. So, they manufactured them.....
RIKE Audio capacitors are developed and produced in Germany and made of the highest quality possible.
These capacitors are oil-paper capacitors with double-layered dielectric. They are designed for 600V DC with a 10% tolerance on capacitance. Every capacitor is tested with a test voltage of 1625V.
Capacitors 1,0 uF and less are supplied in cylindrical (left) housing; capacitors 1,5-4,7 uF are in rectangular  (middle) shape and larger in oval (right) radial shape.

Product overview and prices                          Independent capacitor tests by Tony Gee