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IT Air therm coils

Air Therm inductors are made from a special coil (thermoplastic coil). An additional layer of varnish is melted on the wire during or after the coiling procedure using hot air or a current impulse. This effect is comparable to impregnation under vacuum. This coiling technique achieves a vibration free inductor coiling.
This coil type is suited for even the most demanding applications at an excellent price / performance.

- Conductor: 99.99% Oxygen-Free Copper
- Insulation: Type V Enamel
- Bobbin material: ABS
- Dimensional stability (Shape retention): 85oC
- Inductance values tested at: 1 kHz/25oC
- Inductance tolerance: +/-5%
- Connecting leads: 50mm (Insulated 20mm minimum)
- Core Type: Bar core
- Core material: Grain oriented silicon iron laminations

IT LUT32/010/10, air coil, 0,10mH, OFC &Oslash;1,0mm, R=0,14<br />Price per piece
€ 3.00
IT LUT32/012/10, air coil, 0,12mH, OFC &Oslash;1,0mm, R=0,16<br />Price per piece
€ 3.30
IT LUT32/015/10, air coil, 0,15mH, OFC &Oslash;1,0mm, R=0,17<br />Price per piece
€ 3.60
IT LUT32/018/10, air coil, 0,18mH, OFC &Oslash;1,0mm, R=0,22<br />Price per piece
€ 3.90
IT LUT32/022/10, air coil, 0,22mH, OFC &Oslash;1,0mm, R=0,23<br />Price per piece
€ 4.20
IT LUT32/027/10, air coil, 0,27mH, OFC &Oslash;1,0mm, R=0,27<br />Price per piece
€ 4.40
IT LUT32/033/10, air coil, 0,33mH, OFC &Oslash;1,0mm, R=0,30<br />Price per piece
€ 4.80
IT LUT44/039/10, air coil, 0,39mH, OFC &Oslash;1,0mm, R=0,33<br />Price per piece
€ 6.40
IT LUT44/047/10, air coil, 0,47mH, OFC &Oslash;1,0mm, R=0,36<br />Price per piece
€ 6.50
IT LUT55/047/132, air coil, 0,47mH, OFC &Oslash;1,32mm, R=0,21<br />Price per piece
€ 9.40
IT LUT44/056/10, air coil, 0,56mH, OFC &Oslash;1,0mm, R=0,42<br />Price per piece
€ 6.60
IT LUT55/056/132, air coil, 0,56mH, OFC &Oslash;1,32mm, R=0,23<br />Price per piece
€ 10.20
IT LUT44/068/10, air coil, 0,68mH, OFC &Oslash;1,0mm, R=0,47<br />Price per piece
€ 7.10
IT LUT55/068/132, air coil, 0,68mH, OFC &Oslash;1,32mm, R=0,26<br />Price per piece
€ 11.20
IT LUT55/082/10, air coil, 0,82mH, OFC &Oslash;1,0mm, R=0,52<br />Price per piece
€ 7.40
IT LUT62/082/132, air coil, 0,82mH, OFC &Oslash;1,32mm, R=0,30<br />Price per piece
€ 12.80
IT LUT55/1.0/10, air coil, 1,0mH, OFC &Oslash;1,0mm, R=0,60<br />Price per piece
€ 7.70
IT LUT62/100/132, air coil, 1,0mH, OFC &Oslash;1,32mm, R=0,34<br />Price per piece
€ 14.00
IT LUT55/1.2/10, air coil, 1,2mH, OFC &Oslash;1,0mm, R=0,65<br />Price per piece
€ 8.20
IT LUT62/120/132, air coil, 1,2mH, OFC &Oslash;1,32mm, R=0,38<br />Price per piece
€ 14.90
IT LUT55/1.5/10, air coil, 1,5mH, OFC &Oslash;1,0mm, R=0,73<br />Price per piece
€ 8.80
IT LUT62/150/132, air coil, 1,5mH, OFC &Oslash;1,32mm, R=0,43<br />Price per piece
€ 16.40
IT LUT55/1.8/10, air coil, 1,8mH, OFC &Oslash;1,0mm, R=0,79<br />Price per piece
€ 9.10
IT LUT62/180/132, air coil, 1,8mH, OFC &Oslash;1,32mm, R=0,47<br />Price per piece
€ 19.00
IT LUT62/220/132, air coil, 2,2mH, OFC &Oslash;1,32mm, R=0,52<br />Price per piece
€ 19.50
IT LUT92/270/132, air coil, 2,7mH, OFC &Oslash;1,32mm, R=0,59<br />Price per piece
€ 22.80
IT LUT92/330/132, air coil, 3,3mH, OFC &Oslash;1,32mm, R=0,66<br />Price per piece
€ 25.60
IT LUT92/390/132, air coil, 3,9mH, OFC &Oslash;1,32mm, R=0,72<br />Price per piece
€ 27.00
IT LUT92/470/132, air coil, 4,7mH, OFC &Oslash;1,32mm, R=0,81<br />Price per piece
€ 29.50