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Electrolytische condensatoren voor car audio

Storage capacitors are standard equipment of every high-class car audio system. Because no equipment is better than it’s power supply!
MUNDORF MPowerCap with a capacitance of 68,000μF guarantees stabilized voltage directly at the car radio for clean music reproduction and stores a lot of energy fed by the mostly way to thin power wires to feed true 4x 50W....

Consequently optimized for highest power pulse currents these capacitors ensure extra power at the decisive moment AND at the right place. The result is a powerful and precise bass and a brilliant, open sound characteristic in about every car audio system. Just disconnect the ISO connector from your radio, plug in both cap connectors to the car- and radio ISO connector and ready.

About the surprisingly often underestimated effect of the MPowerCap, the specialist publications report:
[...] the CD tuner can be upgraded inexpensively [...] the effect [...] becomes noticeable also at more favourable systems [...].   Thanks to ISO plugs, the installation is very simple.
(Car&Hifi Magazin)