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IT Bar core coils

A coil with very extreme power handling, consisting of granular aligned silicon sheet iron with high saturation current. Best for professional use.
Applications: High power systems such as in-car hi-fi or PA systems.
These high-power-handling inductors offer extremely low distortion, well below 0.1% at their rated power, typically 0.01% - 0.05% (100 Hz - 5KHz).

- Conductor: 99.99% Oxygen-free Copper. Round enamelled wire.
- Insulation: Type V Enamel.
- Bobbin material: Polyamid
- Dimensional stability: 85°C.
- Inductance values tested at 1KHz / 25°C
- Inductance tolerance: +/- 5%.
- Connecting leads: 50mm; last 20mm left uninsulated.
- Core type: Bar-core made from grain-oriented silicon iron laminations.

IT I130-1.2-132, I-core coil, 1,2mH, OFC &Oslash;1,32mm, R=0,13<br />Price per piece
€ 26.20
IT I130-1.5-132, I-core coil, 1,5mH, OFC &Oslash;1,32mm, R=0,14<br />Price per piece
€ 25.90
IT I130-1.8-132, I-core coil, 1,8mH, OFC &Oslash;1,32mm, R=0,16<br />Price per piece
€ 27.40
IT I130-2.2-132, I-core coil, 2,2mH, OFC &Oslash;1,32mm, R=0,17<br />Price per piece
€ 27.50
IT I130-2.7-132, I-core coil, 2,7mH, OFC &Oslash;1,32mm, R=0,19<br />Price per piece
€ 27.50
IT I130-3.3-132, I-core coil, 3,3mH, OFC &Oslash;1,32mm, R=0,21<br />Price per piece
€ 28.20
IT I130-3.9-132, I-core coil, 3,9mH, OFC &Oslash;1,32mm, R=0,24<br />Price per piece
€ 28.70
IT I130-4.7-132, I-core coil, 4,7mH, OFC &Oslash;1,32mm, R=0,26<br />Price per piece
€ 29.50
IT I150-4.7-160, I-core coil, 4,7mH, OFC &Oslash;1,60mm, R=0,20<br />Price per piece
€ 51.20
IT I130-5.6-132, I-core coil, 5,6mH, OFC &Oslash;1,32mm, R=0,29<br />Price per piece
€ 30.10
IT I150-5.6-160, I-core coil, 5,6mH, OFC &Oslash;1,60mm, R=0,23<br />Price per piece
€ 52.70
IT I130-6.8-112, I-core coil, 6,8mH, OFC &Oslash;1,12mm, R=0,44<br />Price per piece
€ 28.40
IT I150-6.8-160, I-core coil, 6,8mH, OFC &Oslash;1,60mm, R=0,25<br />Price per piece
€ 52.70
IT I130-8.2-112, I-core coil, 8,2mH, OFC &Oslash;1,12mm, R=0,49<br />Price per piece
€ 29.50
IT I150-8.2-160, I-core coil, 8,2mH, OFC &Oslash;1,60mm, R=0,29<br />Price per piece
€ 56.30
IT I130-100-112, I-core coil, 10mH, OFC &Oslash;1,12mm, R=0,56<br />Price per piece
€ 30.70
IT I150-10-160, I-core coil, 10mH, OFC &Oslash;1,60mm, R=0,32<br />Price per piece
€ 58.10
IT I150-12-160, I-core coil, 12mH, OFC &Oslash;1,60mm, R=0,36<br />Price per piece
€ 60.70
IT I150-15-150, I-core coil, 15mH, OFC &Oslash;1,50mm, R=0,44<br />Price per piece
€ 61.00
IT I150-18-150, I-core coil, 18mH, OFC &Oslash;1,50mm, R=0,50<br />Price per piece
€ 62.00
IT I150-22-150, I-core coil, 22mH, OFC &Oslash;1,50mm, R=0,56<br />Price per piece
€ 64.70
IT I150-33-132, I-core coil, 33mH, OFC &Oslash;1,32mm, R=1,16<br />Price per piece
€ 55.80