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Home     ELTIM CS-40ps Strom Platine Bausatz
Price per piece
ELTIM CS-40ps Strom Platine Bausatz
Price per piece

ELTIM CS-40ps Strom Platine Bausatz
Price per piece

Etwa 120Wrms/8ohm, inkl. on board Netzteil, exkl. Transformator, Power Caps und Kühlkörper

€ 64.95
€ 64.95

Artikelcode: CS40pskit

This CS-40ps power (current) stage PCB highlights:
  • Select the power Transistors of your choice
  • L-mounted to heat sink, which is electrically separated from the PCB.
  • Power capacitor location close to the power transistors.
  • On board rectifier and power supply capacitor bank (not included!).
  • Capacitor bank with 2x2 high-grade, low impedance Ø25/30mm MUNDORF MLGO types (pitch 10mm) possible.
  • For low profile / cost effective solutions a capacitor bank of 2x5 Ø16mm, pitch 7,5mm caps possible.
  • For cost effective and/or low power solutions even two single Ø25x50mm axial capacitors can be mounted.
  • RF-interference blocking capacitors in strategic positions.
  • All resistors (MOX 1%) are long life Vishay components or equivalent.
  • Current driven high power feedback in the centre of PCB with multiple paralleled resistors, reducing noise.
  • Speaker output and extra Mosfet/IGBT connector both left and right.
  • No Boucherot network in the output line provided nor needed resulting in way better impulse behaviour.
  • Protection circuit or VS-regulator board connector.
  • Separate Current Stage and Voltage Stage power rails.
  • Gold plated beryllium copper, milled connectors, with multiple pin connections.
  • Speaker signal for signalling/protection purposes at all connectors.
  • PCB position to mount an NTC/PTC at centre, connected to both horizontal connectors.
  • Idle current can be controlled and adjusted externally by a DC-signal coming from the centre connector.
  • Dimensions: 200x100x35/50mm, depending on capacitor types used..

Dieser Bausatz enthält fast alle benötigte Bauteile, Konnektoren und hochwertige doppelseitige, duchmetallisierte FR4 Platine. Vonwegen max. Anwendungsmöglichkeiten von dieser Bausatz sind KEINE Netzteil Kondensatoren im Bausatz; diese müssen Sie separat kaufen. Sie Können so der Kit nach persönliche wünsche/budget aufbauen; diese Kondensatoren bestimmen fürr ein grosser Teil die Anwendungsmöglichkeiten und der gesamtpreis. Wir haben verschiedene Exemplare in unser Program.