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FERRITE core coils, baked

MUNDORF BF/BH-type baked varnish Ferrite cored coils

MCoil F-type Pipe Core coils are made from solid core copper wire. They have been specially developed for mid, low and parallel applications, for which compact dimensions and a reasonable price/performance ratio are of essential importance as given for, e.g., adjustment devices or car audio crossovers. The tonal qualities of the F series and its much satisfying music performance is yet enhanced by Baked Wire Treatment as for this BF series shown below.

MCoil H-type Drum-Core coils made from oxygen-free copper (OFC) round-wire have been developed for mid, low and parallel applications for which compact dimensions, a low basic distortion level as well as the lowest possible internal resistance and a reasonable value for money ratio are of key importance. The tonal quality of these coils is a convincing blend of the typical harmoniously-neutral sound of solid core copper round-wire and the natural vitality and enhanced tonal dynamic of HP3616 core material. The fine properties of the H series can be further improved by applying Baked Wire Treatment as introduced with the BH series shown below.

Please find detailed information on the ad-vantages of different coil technologies on pages 30 to 32.
Key words: Ferrite Cores • OFC-Copper • Solid Core
BF-Series                                   BH-series

BF-series    Ferrite rod cored coils, baked OFC wire 0,71mm
BH-series    Ferrite drum cored coils, OFC baked wire 0,71 / 1,0 / 1,25 / 1,4mm

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