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Audyn Cap KP SN 100 VDC / 630 VDC
High quality axial tin-foil/polypropylene capacitors recommended for active audio circuits. The KPSN 630Vdc range of capacitors is highly suitable for valve amplifiers. KPSN 250Vdc & 100Vdc are the ideal choice of capacitor for series connection to tweeters in crossover circuits.
Perfect, high quality capacitor for active audio circuits and channel amplifiers. Perfection has zero tolerance, in series 2%

- Dielectric: Polypropylene
- Conductor: Tin foil
- Tolerance: +/- 2%
- Connecting leads: Axial, tinned copper
- Loss Angle Tan: 0.00008 (1kHz; 20ºC)
- Operating temperature: -25ºC - + 85ºC