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MUNDORF Silber/Gold Interlink Kabel

The Mundorf silver/gold massive wired interconnect cable SGW605HLD could be about the best available interlink cable.
Till the beginning of 2014 Mundorf could attach a range of connectors to it, but they stopped this activity.
Since we have the skills and a wide variety of connectors available, we could do this for you.
Ask for a quote and specify cable length and type of connectors you want to be mounted.

MUNDORF SGW605SHLD, Silber/Gold Kabel, 6*Ø0,5mm, abgeschirmt
Price per meter

Interlink Kabel, 99% reines Silber, 1% reines Gold. PTFE 0,25mm

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€ 179.90
€ 179.90