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Although it is NOT neccessary, you could register yourself in our database. In that case you'll only have to enter your adress data once, make a preference list, etc.  If it's not working refresh with Cntr/F5 combination!
It is always possible to enter your data WITHOUT login. Then you have to fill in your personal data every time you place a new order. Our website is running under secured (https:) conditions, so your data is encrypted and secured while transferring, don't worry. We do NOT use your data for other purposes.

Article search is most convenient in our webshop. Just fill in the type, brand, value, etc.  in the right upper corner and we show them. F.e. filling in "22uF 400V" will show all capacitors 22uF/400V.  No difficult select tables required.

Unless noted otherwise, and unlike lots of other webshops,  all prices are per piece in €, and local VAT (BTW, MwST) of 21% ! !     So, with us no trics with ex. VAT or discount prices listed on never required quantities and at the end VAT charged, etc. Mostly our PIECE price is lower than we could find in other webshops. If not, let us know!   Besides that, we do not have different freight charges depending weight; we have ONE (low) price for parcels up to 30kg.  This price differs, depending the travelling distance and calculated per country.
Customers outside the EU do not have to pay this  21% VAT (BTW) to us, but to their local customs and will automatically be deducted, but only if you fill in the correct country in your adress fields!  Custom charges are calculated automatically for Norway and Switserland, but please enter the CORRECT country.

With parcel shipments you will get a trackingnumber from DPD as soon as they accepted and scanned the shipment. Then, you can follow your parcel at  Acknowledged as most environmental transport company. Also, they have many Pickup stores where you can collect your parcel.

Our system automatically calculates a
discount of 3% on orders above € 300,-  
meant as a rough compensation for calculated freight charges.

International small (enveloppe) packages <1kg and containing small parts only are charged with 5,50 and sent per mail envelope. If you enter too large or too heavy parts, our system automatically switches to DPD Parcel shipment.
The freight charge is calculated by our system while ordering and depending on the size/price of the components and the country you live. If you live on a (smaller) island it is possible that we charge you extra freight charges in cases that DPD charges this to us as well.
Sometimes people contact us, because they can't proceed in the order process. Most probably you didn't enter your country in your adress fields then. Please do so !

You can pay by Paypal (including creditcard like American Express, Visa, Maestro and Mastercard) or bank prepayment.

Our Paypal account is     at website

Our bank account (IBAN):
Bank account:IBAN:        NL66 RABO 0166 3082 77
SWIFT/BIC:                RABONL2U
attn: ELTIM audio BV in Mensingeweer NL

Since we want to prevent this kind (youtube scetch) of customer "support", please don't hesitate
to call/mail if you have a question or want to know more.

T +31 595 491748

Please note that all underscored text and most puctures and logo's in our website
hide extra information, like data, email adres or website, f.e. click on PAYPAL
above and you will be linked to the Paypal website for more information.
By doing so, our website itself is most compact, increasing readability.