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Order questions
We get emails on serveral email adresses we have, some even very old. In order to arrange them properly in our email software, please:
- Only use for general questions.
- For questions about your pending order, please use Make sure that the order number is noted in your mail, than we can find all communication about that order quickly.
Do not send us questions about Track and Trace code, when shipped, etc. please. As soon as we send we inform you and soon afer DPD will send you a T&T code fully automated !
By following this system we hope that we can answer your questions sooner and better.
Please understand (and follow the news) that there are increasing problems in delivery of goods (overloaded shippers and customs) and shortage of materials. This could delay your order, we really can't help that, but do what we can.

Although it is not neccessary, you could register yourself in our database. In that case you'll only have to enter your adress data once, make a wishlist, etc.  Adding an article in your wishlist by selecting the ♥ knob.
It is always possible to enter your data without login. Then you have to fill in your personal data every time you place a new order. In that case extras like wishlist won't work.
Our website is running under secured (https:) conditions, so your data is encrypted and secured while transferring. Most other webshops (still) don't!
We do not use your data for other purposes than order handling and transport.

Article search
Article search is most convenient in our webshop and works similar to Google search. Just fill in any text you have in mind, f.e. the type, brand, group, value, etc.  in the right upper corner and we show them. F.e. filling in "22uF" will show all capacitors 22uF we have in our program.  No difficult select tables required, so more space on your screen to show data/pictures, etc.

Pricing / VAT
While opening our website prices given are ex. and incl. 21% Dutch BTW (VAT). Per oktober 1st 2021 we use the OSS-Tax system, where private citisens inside EU pay VAT as in their own country over our Ex. VAT pices. F.e. German customers pay 19% MwSt instead of our Dutch 21% BTW. If you are not Dutch, pleae select your country in the top bar, then incl. prices are shown based on your local VAT, MwSt, etc. F.e. Germans will be charged with 19% MwSt instead of 21% Dutch BTW.
Customers outside the EU  (so also UK now, since you left EU....) do not have to pay VAT to us and are charged the ex. VAT prices. You could be charged for import taxes and VAT by your local customs though. Check your local customs office for details.
Unless noted otherwise all listed prices are per piece / meter in € .

Small orders info
In the recent past we got a lot of ultrasmall orders (2 resistors, some small elco's, a fuse, etc.) which took too much about unpaid work. Also, most of them complained that the freight charge was relatively high, see parcel shipping below.
We have a minimum order value of € 5,00 now in order to relieve our business a bit. If you order below this € 5,00 value, you cannot select a transport way and so block the process. You have to increase your order above € 5,00 to proceed.
Unless it's expensive or to large it will be sent in a mail enveloppe and charge €10,00. Due to lower costs this will have no Track & Trace code, is not insured and will not be replaced if missing. So, please don't ask for it then.

Parcel / envelope shipping info
Heavier/larger/>€50,00 parcels we (1:1 DPD) charge per 25kg, each parcel with it's own Track & Trace code and insured up to €750,- per parcel. So with us no low freight charge and no adding of a significant insurance fee, its included already!  Large and/or heavy orders could come in more than one parcel, where each parcel is charged. The freight charge also differs depending the travelling distance and is calculated per country, so enter your country correctly please!
Unlike most other webshops we pack your items shock and press proof by filling the box properly with figure 8 foam filling. So, with us no parts flying around in the box, no pressed cartons or broken parts due to bad packing. And, our boss isn't forcing us to pack it within 30 seconds or even less......
We get questions about goods versus freight costs. Please note that the goods value inside a package has no link with true freight charges at all. Sending a stone brick or a gold bar takes the same work and has the same distance to travel, so has the same freight charges! So please don't call/mail us about too high freight charges. We charge you 1:1 freight costs beeing not "market conform" indeed. Since we / DPD are asking more than some companies do some more info:
Some other (mostly large) companies "subsidise" your freight costs. Due to this they only make some money on larger orders, is their decision, but not "market conform" as some people believe. Unfortunaltelly this doen't work in our business.
DPD is not the cheapest indeed, but unlike most companies DPD people don't have to work for you in their own time (happens), get normal paid like you, work under normal conditions and are acknowledged as the most environmental "friendly" transport company and compensating their CO2 footprint as we do for more than 20 years already. Also, they have many Pickup stores where you can collect your parcel. Also and unlike Chinese and USA based shops, transport costs are not subsidised by the EU......(...) !
Every parcel sent by DPD is insured already with a max. value of €750,00, so the insurance fee is included in the price already, no extra insurance charges!
You will automatically receive a tracking code after DPD scanned your parcel. Once having this tracking number you can follow it while travelling through EU and get a time slot when it arrives at your adress. Sometimes you even can follow the local transporter van.
Please do NOT ask us for this tracking number, we already get a lot of mail. As said and as mentioned in our shipping info, you will get it automatically from the DPD system as soon as they scanned your parcel!

Orders with just small, light and relatively cheap (<€50,00 total) parts are automatically selected as way cheaper envelope shipment. Due to this lower charge these shipments have no track & Trace code and are not insured. Risk of loss / damage is for the customer. If you want it shipped differently tell us in the comment line and we send you a confirmation with extra charge.

Ordering from outside EU
ELTIM audio BV ships worldwide actually with the Netherlands as base. International shipping is quite expensive due to the work done and the long distance a parcel has to travel. For shipping outside EU we also have to prepare documents for your customs office, etc. Due to all this extra, unpaid work we will no longer accept orders from outside EU < € 100,-. Unlike Chinese shops freight is not subsidised by the EU, so we need to charge you in full at 1:1 charge. This could be up to around € 85,- depending weight.  Orders from Russia and Belarus are no longer accepted of course.

You can pay by Paypal or bank transfer for a long time already. Since spring 2020 we will also implemented a lot of other payment methods:

Some of them already work, some take some more time implementing.
So, if the one you selected doesn't work (yet), try another please.
Some payments go via our payment provider Sisow / Buckaroo

T +31 595 491748

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