Eenrummerweg 5
NL-9961 PC  Mensingeweer
the Netherlands
+31 (0)595 491748

Business register:  
VAT nummer:  
02072622  Groningen

Louis Timmers

CO2 imprint:  
0,0 grams/kWh (actually, absorbing a lot!)
Our energy is produced by use of water- and natural steam force.
We drive about 0km/year businesswise. We live in the same building.
We hardly print on paper. If we do, it's on FSC certified paper.
We invested in a project where a lot of CO2 is absorbed.
We did NOT build another box-like building, but preserved an old (1810) building instead  where our office, warehouse (1st/2nd floor) and workshops are.located. We live in the far left part:
Mail us and we try to make "old school" contact. PE1LTM,   JO33FI

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