Transitsound Ultra baffle damping 1000x240x3mm


Transitsound Ultra baffle damping 1000x240x3mm
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This high quality sheet material is meant as underfloor where high damping of floor sound to rooms below is required. Beside that, it appears also very efficient to dampen sounds of speakerpanels, especially if you glue it between two layers of other material, like a sandwich of MDF 10mm/TSU 3mm/MDF 6mm.
Even better would be the use of different materials, like 10mm MDF as base/TSU 3mm/ 6mm high quality ply- or full wood on the outside. It is liquid resistant, so you can glue it with about any kind of glue.
Damping is tested by Dutch TNO: delta Llin=11dB, delta Lw=21dB.

The anthracite colour als looks nice if glued on the frontpanel, where a significant reduction of frontpanel sound refraction is obtained. Since it is 3mm thick, similar to most tweeter faceplates, you can mount the tweeter direct to the front as well. It is quite sensitive material, so you need to be careful with it in daily use !

We have it in cartons where 40x100x25cm is folded in one piece, so 10x1mtr = 10mtr² max.
You can decide to buy it per folded meter (max. 10m) or in single sheets of 100x25cm with slightly rough edges, so effectively aprox 230mm.

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