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ELTIM Pre 230, small-sized preamplifier KIT

3 Line inputs, 1 Line out (int.) and 1 Line out/Record out. Connectors not incl.!

ELTIM Pre 230, small-sized preamplifier KIT
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With this ELTIM Pre 230 Preamplifier module you can construct a very high quality preamplifier.  Our MODU 230mm wide cabinets fit exactly.

All required parts, except in/out connectors and buffer headers are provided. Use RJ-152G RCA connectors for cost effective purposes, to be mounted directly on the PCB. For high quality pruposes you could use any chassis mounted RCA connectors instead.

This built module works as a so called "passive preamplifier", meaning that tere are NO active elements like transitors or IC's in the audio lines. Only a regular logarithmic stereo potentiometer (fits on the PCB) is used to control the volume.

In case you decide to use our buffer modules, it becomes an active amplifier, since all (any) input is buffered by active electronics. Then, you also need to mount 5-pin header female connectors, provided with these buffer modules.

You and/or also can use one of our VCA modules, where the gain/attenuation is set by an active (top class IC) circuit. In that case use a single linear potentiometer or some other circiut which provides 0 - 5Vdc as control voltage. Then, since the inputs are already selected by a 5Vdc signal, the whole preamplifier can be controlled by a microprocessor system as well. The volume could even be set via SPI data.

We also have an extension kit for transferring input 2 into a Phono (MM/MC) input. The input impedance as well as the sensitivity can be set in 16 steps, so you can use about every available cartridge.

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