PCB service

OK, you (private or business) designed a schematic of some electronics but lack the expertise, contacts or time to make a suitable PCB for it. We can design AND supply EU made proper functioning PCB's for you. Just contact us and we will start to make it work together.

Some of you have the drawing software tools and expertise to draw a PCB but no clue how to have it truly made. In that case, send us the Gerber- and drilling files and we'll check if it could work.

We are NOT using "smart" software to find out if it could work properly. As we see to often this would result in super small PCB's with tiny tracks, where ONLY the required connections are made without taking care of many other rules which have to be followed. We use common human sense with 45 years of practical PCB design experience. None of the many designed PCB's didn't work properly, nor gave smoke signals. It's just connecting parts right?   NO ! We also look at:

  • interacting between paths and components
  • can the tracks handle the current they are meant to lead
  • is the spacing enough to handle the voltage applied
  • are there no components overheated due to lack of cooling
  • are the best suitable (cost effective/size/durability/etc.) parts used
  • is a single side, double side or multilayer board the best option
  • can lower skilled people assemble, mount, connect and test them properly
  • are the governemental, VDE, NEN, UL, etc. rules followed
  • etc.

We have the solution for you from 10 PCB's up. Just start a MAIL contact.  

Why tiny tracks if there is sufficient copper avvailable?