THAT 1280S14, Dual Balanced Line Receiver, 0dB, SO14

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Dual Balanced Line Receivers

High CMRR: typ. 90 dB at 60 Hz
typ. 85 at 20 kHz

Excellent audio performance

Wide bandwidth: > 7.6 MHz

High slew rate: 15 V/µs

Low distortion: 0.0006 % THD

Low noise: -107.3 dBu

Low current: 3 mA

Low output offset voltage: < 1 mV

Gain: 0 dB

Industry-standard pinout


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The THAT 1280-series of precision differential amplifiers are designed primarily for use as audio balanced line receivers.

Fabricated using THAT’s proprietary DI process, the THAT 1286 is drop-in compatible with the TI INA2137, while the THAT 1280 is pin compatible with the INA2134 and the Analog Devices AD8273.

The parts are available in models which can be configured as differential amplifiers for 0dB (1280), +/-3dB (1283), and +/-6dB (1286) gain.

The internal precision-trimmed thin film resistors enable a wide variety of circuits that are virtually impossible to build with discrete components.


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