THAT 1290Q16, Dual Balanced Line Receiver, 0dB, QSOP16

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Low Cost, Dual balanced Line Receiver

Good CMRR: typ. 50 dB

Low-cost, Self-contained dual line receiver

Excellent audio performance

Wide bandwidth: > 7.6 MHz

High slew rate: 14 V/µs

Low distortion: 0.0006 % THD

Low noise: -107 dBu

Low Current: 3 mA (per amplifier)

Gain: 0 dB

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The THAT 1290 series of low-cost dual precision differential amplifiers was designed primarily for use as balanced line receivers for audio applications.

These devices include on-board precision thin-film resistors which offer good matching and excellent tracking due to their monolithic construction.

The 1290 series is available in a 16-pin QSOP package which features a very small footprint.


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