THAT 2181BS08, Blackmer. VCA, -90/+30dB (0.008%), SO8

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Trimmable BLACKMER® Voltage Controlled Amplifier (VCA)

Wide Dynamic Range: >120 dB

Wide Gain Range: >130 dB

Exponential (dB) Gain Control

Very Low Distortion: < 0.004 %

High slew rate: 12V/µS

Wide Gain-Bandwidth: 20 MHz

Dual Gain-Control Ports (pos/neg)

Pin-Compatible with 2150/2180-Series

Shipping < 5 days
THAT 2181 Series integrated-circuit voltage controlled amplifiers (VCAs) are very highperformance current-in/current-out devices with two opposing-polarity, voltage-sensitive control ports.

They offer wide-range exponential control of gain and attenuation with very low signal distortion.

The parts are selected after packaging based primarily on after-trim THD and control-voltage feedthrough performance.

The VCA design takes advantage of a fully complementary dielectric isolation process which offers closely matched NPN/PNP pairs. This delivers performance unobtainable through any conventional process, integrated or discrete.

The parts are available in three grades, allowing the user to optimize cost vs. performance.

2181 series is pin compatible with 2150/2180 series.

Both 8-pin single-in-line (SIP) and surface mount (SO) packages are available.


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