ELTIM Preamplifier modules

We at ELTIM are electronic technicians and music lovers for over 40 years.
In all these years lots of ideas "popped up" how we could make a difference.
Finally, in 2017 we could start developing our Preampifiers and made them, as our power amplifiers,
in a way that also DIYérs can build them step by step, module wise or even as DIY kits.
A fully equipped PRE 330 module in a MODU Slimline cabinet could end up like this as we
build them ourselves for a growing crowd of audiophile, non / less-technical people:


We demonstrated it first time at X-Fi premium audio show in Veldhoven in september 2019:
Full house every half hour, both days.     NO other DIY supplier is doing this.   Why?  Yes.
Actually we got many compliments, like f.e. "here music is made", etc.   Nice and thanks.
Even the ones sitting way outside the "hotspot" were happy with the sound and stayed the full half hour.
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