Per august 1st 2016 we extended our drive units program with a lot of brands:

DAVIS Drive units

Drive units, audio eq.

ETON Drive units

Drive units, horns

GRADIENT Drive units
MOREL Drive units
relaunced now !
Drive units, horns

SB Acoustics
Drive units

SEAS Drive units

WAVECOR Drive units

We supply them for the best (piece) price in the market !  Check "Drive units" at the left.
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This huge program fills the wide gap we had below the ranges of

MUNDORF Air Motion Transformers (AMT),
Crossover components,
99/2% silver/gold (SGW) wire and cable,
heavy duty, pure copper terminals

MUNDORF High efficient AMT tweeters
for professional (PA) use.
Drive units, handmade in Denmark
by your specifications
VOXATIV Full range drive units.
Most probably, and by the judge of a lot of
reviewers, the best fullrange units available.
Handmade in Berlin, Germany.

  Amplifier Kits & Modules.
ELTIM High-End Power amplifier modules.
ELTIM Class A amplifier modules
PA-4989,  2x4Wrms Class A (Headphone?) Amplifier Modules
with Canaan Semiconductor CS6A4989

Other Amplifier kits, based on the brandnew CANAAN IC's are in development, some even just waiting
for availability of the required types.
ELTIM Power Supply modules and kits.
We developed two wide ranges of high-quality power supply modules.
Potted transformers, long life capacitors, FR4 pcb's, etc.

Input voltage: 115/230V, 50/60Hz
Output voltages: 6-30Vdc
Symmetrical and single voltage
Ouput load: 5-52VA
Regulated output(s): optional

Use them in preamplifiers, DAC's, DSP's, CD-player kits, Headphone amplifiers, 12V equipment, uP systems, etc.
PS715S with optional VR-3 regulator board mounted.
DEALER and OEM welcome.     Amp/Power Supply kits/modules and ready built amps.