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Amplifier Modules & Kits

We also have lots of fine electronic parts
in our program. Here an example:
Multifunctional 3'5" TFT touchcreen
Audio monitor with multi functions like
and even many more to display.
In stock now.
We supply

of following brands:
Handmade in Denmark
by your specifications
New class-A amplifier modules:
2x 2Wrms Headphone amplifier module
High quality connectors
ELTIM Single- and symmetrical
Power Supply modules:
ELTIM Preamplifier electronics
with VCA volume control

Cost effective quality
connectors and cable

ELTIM hand built amplifiers:
Electronics enclosures:
We provide a wide variety  
crossover components of:
Superior full range drivers,
handmade in Berlin, Germany



Grammophone Cartridges
Several brands and price ranges.
Replacement Styli & accessories
many types, even old ones!
And many more, check the Menu
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